The Many Faces of Toby

Dec 18, 2023 | Blog, The Sanctuary

Welcome to our “12 Days of Christmas” series featuring our resident pups!

Today, we share the story of our precious boy Toby (AKA Tobylicious!). Toby is part Poodle, Havanese and Pomeranian! This handsome pup has a frozen rear leg, but that doesn’t stop him from jumping on the couch and snuggling in. While Toby is NOT a fan of thunderstorms (we have to cover his head up to keep him safe!), he does love to play with squeaky toys! He is very particular with his eating habits….meaning he needs to eat on a cutting board! We love this sweet, gentle soul with the soft eyes and a button nose. Thanks to generous support from our loyal followers, we can help pups like Toby!

If you’d like to sponsor Toby and help with his ongoing medical expenses and other care, please visit the Support page on our web site and select the “Sponsor a Pet” option. Thank you!