The Many Faces Of Munchkin

Dec 16, 2023 | Blog, The Sanctuary

It’s Day 5 of our “12 Days of Christmas” series, and we’re so excited to feature our beautiful Munchkin!

This resilient 15-year-old female feline’s journey began as a stray, abandoned when just a tiny kitten with only 3 legs. Even with her challenging start in life, Munchkin has proven she is full of spirit and determination! She fearlessly navigates her surroundings and displays an indomitable spirit. You’ll often find her exploring every nook and cranny, perching at the top of the kitty tree, making her presence known with her feisty nature and loud vocal expressions. While Munchkin may not be fond of other cats, she has a deep affinity for human companionship. She craves attention and affection, always seeking out the company of our kitty volunteers. She most especially enjoys a session of lap-sitting and gobbling up treats faster than we can put them down!

If you’d like to sponsor Munchkin and help support her medical expenses and other care, please visit the Support page on our web site and select the “Sponsor a Pet” option. We’re pawsitively grateful to our wonderful supporters!