Sweet Charlotte

Jul 11, 2022 | Blog, K-9 Medical Miracle

We are sharing the HWAH story of Sweet Charlotte. She was a little over 10 yrs old…. she spent the first 10 yrs of her life in Hunt clubs – outdoor kennels all year long in VA.

June 6th            The Owners of the Hunt Club decided to retire and since Charlotte was a senior dog they reached out to a lovely lady, Tori, for help to re-home her. We arranged to have her vetted and then Torie and Patti, transported Charlotte to House with a Heart…where she was to be transferred to the Beagle Rescue – BREW!

June 8th            After Charlotte arrived at HWAH we immediately scheduled a complete physical exam and we learned she has malignant mammary tumors that have metastasized extensively to her left lung.  The Oncologist was not hopeful, but we did start a course of Chemo. Charlotte had a bad reaction so we had to stop.

July 10th         Now she is safe at HWAH but dying of Cancer!! She was spayed too late in life and now has Mammary cancer that has moved to her lungs. Her cough is getting worse every day but she still seems to enjoy her life.

July 11th          Charlotte – she has an appointment with the Vet on Wednesday to see if we can do anything else to help her with her terrible cough from the cancer in her lung. I decided to change her name on her bowls to a PERMANENT label instead of temporary tape!! Telling the Universe we want her with us for LONGER!!!! She deserves more time to be LOVED!!! Cancer STINKS!!!

Charlotte gets TWO dinners plus dessert!! This sweet girl was used to getting fed twice a week at the hunting farm she belonged to..and now she gets double meals, dessert (Sami’s Snax are homemade from one of the special ladies that rescued Charlotte!), plus treats from all the volunteers all day long! We love this girl so much

July 13th          Our sweet girl got some unfortunate news. The cancer has spread to both lungs . The plan is still to give her prednisone and see how she does with that. She’s as happy as can be, eating like a pig and running in the yards, so we will just have to take it one day at a time.

July 16th          Wonderful Visit with Patti and Torie for Charlotte…. Pattie brought more of her great Sami’s Snax for the pups and some new flavors!!!! They had a TREAT PICNIC!!!!

July 18th          Friends, it is with the heaviest of hearts that we have to announce our Charlotte girl got her wings this afternoon. She had a good weekend but we noticed she was having a hard time breathing today. She was still a happy girl, tail wagging and enjoying treats, but she was tired and she let us know. Her last meal was a happy meal from McDonald’s and we know she devoured it and will be looking for more in the next life. We will miss our special girl and are so honored to have had her these last 2 months of her life.

(We have been asked for our address to send cards and donations to help with her medical: House with a Heart, 6409 Stream Valley Way, Gaithersburg, MD 20882. Or you can donate online:  Donation in memory of Charlotte  As always thank you for your care and concern.)