Be A Medical Miracle Maker – Lola is adopted!

Jun 15, 2022 | Blog, K-9 Medical Miracle, Safety Net

This is a story about one of our rescue partners and a recent adoption:
💫 About Lola 💫
Lola is 13 yo, 16 lbs Cockapoo and loves hoomans and animals of all ages. An angel in the car and on a leash. Housebroken and doesn’t bark except for a quick yip when she is especially happy. She is an A+ cuddle bug and loves laps and human beds.
Lola is a very happy affectionate girl with lots of energy and tons of love to give. She always wants to be near her person. She is very smart, learns quickly, and responds to basic commands. Lola loves walks and sitting by the window to see what’s going on. She would love someone who is retired or works from home because she loves to be with you.
Lola does well with other dogs her size or smaller, but needs to have some one-on-one time to feel secure. To keep her company, a fur brother or sister dog would be perfect.
Because she enjoys running outside so much, she would love a fenced yard or lots of walks. She can squeeze through tiny spaces so all fenced areas must be secure.
She had a hernia successfully repaired and takes a pill for reflux as needed, but in otherwise good senior health!
🎶 Her name is Lola, she was a showgirl 🎶
🤩 Pretty Lola went home to the most loving Mama and we are so happy for her!
Foster Mama Cindy will miss her, but is thrilled she found her furever!
Happy tails Lola!