“Pawsome Rescue Tales” – Meet Mabel

Jul 9, 2023 | Blog, Shout Out

Shared by Marga H.T

Our Mabel. We adopted her out of a kill shelter in July of 2014. She was a senior street dog that had flat teeth from eating rocks with a massive kidney infection and several stones. We had her spayed and the kidney issues taken care of as soon as we got her.

We thought she had no voice because she didn’t bay/bark until that October. She must have been abused for barking previously because after she bayed from excitement, she squinted her eyes and laid down like she was anticipating a beating.

My husband started praising her immediately and we let her know that she was safe and could bark all she wanted to with no punishment.

We lost her to cancer in 2018. We may not have had her most of her life, but she lived out her golden years like a queen knowing that she was loved by her family. ❤️

I hope more people open up their homes to rescues, especially senior rescues. ❤️