“Pawsome Rescue Tales” – Meet Buddy

Jun 28, 2023 | Blog, Shout Out

As told by Laurie L:

We rescued Buddy from The Baltimore Humane Society in 2001. We were looking for a small dog after our 16 yr. old Shetland Collie mix passed.

Buddy was in the main office (not the kennel) with a note on the crate that stated something like “Does not prefer males, if approaching be careful and if he barks/growls, please refrain”. I slowly walked up to the crate and Buddy just looked at me, quiet and wagging his tail. Then very slowly my husband walked up (hesitant to get too close), and Buddy rolled over on his back with tail wagging.

We were both shocked as much as the receptionist was. I told my husband that Buddy must think he’s a woman?! We took Buddy outside to get to know him a bit and both my husband and I had no issues at all with him. He was just shy of 1 yr. old and had already been returned twice due to issues, basically he was an uncontrollable wild man, so they said!

We adopted him knowing his history and he ended up being the best dog we’ve ever had. We’ve rescued others and have a dog now, but Buddy will always be our “heart” dog. With a little patience, and a quiet environment where he felt safe and loved, he was no issue at all.

He was with us for over 18 yrs., and we decided to let him go in 2019 when his doggie Alzheimer’s (CCD) got worse, and he didn’t have the quality of life that he deserved.

Picture of day we brought him home and the day before we let him go to the Rainbow bridge