“Pawsome Rescue Tales” – Meet BC / aka Bank Cat

Jul 5, 2023 | Blog, Shout Out

Shared by Mary H:

This is BC. aka Bank Cat. About a month after starting work at the bank this sweet cat appeared nearby. He wouldn’t come to me or let me touch him. Everyday for a year I brought him food and water and tried to touch him. He was tough!

Then one Sunday my friend (who was not superstitious at all) had a premonition. He said “Today you will bring that cat home.” I had doubts. But that day when I brought him his food, he allowed me to put two hands on him. I picked him up with no struggle and put him in a vari kennel.

From that day on he was my shadow. He had no trouble acclimating to being an indoor family member. And was totally devoted to me for fourteen years up until his passing. He was truly special.