Be a Miracle Maker

Mar 27, 2022 | Blog, K-9 Medical Miracle, Uncategorized


Please read and share Mimi’s rescue story below!  Thanks to YOUR generosity, our HWAH  K-9 & Kitty Medical Miracles Fund recently helped save this senior poodle.  Now we need to replenish the Fund so we can continue to move some wonderful dogs and cats from being left behind to being LOVED.   To learn more about our Medical Miracles Fund or DONATE, visit:

 Mimi’s Story:

It was a frigid evening in New Jersey—early March, and snow still on the ground. Cold and alone, a little senior poodle struggled outside. She had difficulty walking with very long nails, she had tumors protruding from her neck and chest, and she was suffering from horrible dental disease. She wasn’t going to survive much longer out in the cold.

And then…a ray of hope!  A kind woman out for a walk noticed the shivering, confused little poodle and quickly scooped her up, holding her close to keep her warm.  The Good Samaritan fought back tears as she went door-to-door looking for the pup’s home (at the same time, actually afraid she would find the owner).

One last house she thought, just one more….  The older lady who answered the door recognized the little poodle, said she was often left to wander, and pointed out little Mimi’s house.

With much hesitation, the kind woman carried the pup up the steps and rang the doorbell.  The man who answered wasn’t happy to see the little dog.  When Mimi’s rescuer explained how difficult it was for a senior pup to wander in the cold, the man just rolled his eyes and said he didn’t even want the dog… she was just a lot of trouble.

Reluctantly, the kind woman handed over the little dog and turned away. But she was heartsick. She felt responsible for Mimi and wanted to help. So, she did!

The rescuer immediately called her daughter, who knew of HWAH and reached out to see if the Sanctuary could take Mimi or help pay for her care. But nothing could be done unless the owner was willing to cooperate.  And so “Project Save Mimi” began! 

The owner agreed to relinquish Mimi to her kind-hearted rescuer, who then placed the little dog with a friend who could make trips to the vet and groomer. HWAH used its Medical Miracles Grant program to pay for Mimi’s care while she was in New Jersey.

HWAH searched for a rescue group to take Mimi, contacting rescues in four states.  Virginia’s Gray Face Acres answered the call, found a foster home, and arranged for Mimi’s transport. But when Mimi arrived in Virginia, she was in much worse shape than anticipated. She needed immediate surgery for her severe dental disease, and her tumors had to be removed to make her more comfortable and to check for cancer.

Surgery was a success, and Mimi went home with her new foster mom—only to be rushed to the ER the following day, where she was diagnosed with kidney failure. The ER doctors fought hard to save the little dog who had been through so much and was so close to finding happiness!

After several days in the ICU, Mimi finally started to improve.  At last, she could go HOME! Her foster mom decided to adopt her, and the little dog shivering in the snow is now a pampered pooch who will know love and caring until her final days.  

Mimi’s vet care, the surgeries, and the ER visit cost $6,027. Gray Face Acres raised $1,917 toward the expenses and HWAH will grant the remaining $4,110 from its Medical Miracles Fund.  


HWAH is grateful to have played a part in the happy ending to Mimi’s story. But sadly, situations much like Mimi’s are never-ending.  And now we need to replenish our K-9 & Kitty Medical Miracles fund, so we can continue to help dogs AND cats in need. Please consider donating to help us reach our goal of $4,110!  THANK YOU for your support and generosity!   To donate: