Meet Sissy:

Jan 18, 2023 | Blog

How about this for a bedtime story? Sadly…one we hear all the time. This little girl was adopted and stayed with her people for many years. They moved and gave her to a friend. Friend kept her for a while, but then gave her to ANOTHER friend. That friend only kept her for less than a week. Now she is at House with a Heart. We are all at a loss for why this little girl isn’t beloved!! Well.. she is NOW!! And, will be for the rest of her life. Stay tuned for the adventures of Sissy/Baby Girl!!! Sweet Dreams.

Monday, Jan 16:  Sissy got a bath today and enjoyed some time outside in the sun!! The Vet where she was cared for in the past was closed today. So we hope to get the Vet Records tomorrow and are crossing our fingers for some good news! She might be 15 years old, but we don’t know for sure. We are her 6th and hopefully final home and none of the others that had her previously knew her age. She’s the SWEETEST little thing. We are so hoping she’s with us for the long haul!! 🤞🏻🤞🏻

Tuesday, Jan 17:  THOSE EARS!! And we learned today that Sissy knows how to sit…sorta 😂🥰

Wednesday, Jan 18:  Sissy update! She had blood work and X-rays done at the vet today so we won’t know the results until tomorrow, but Dr. Handel did hear a significant heart murmur and felt a mammary tumor. We are hoping for her test results to come back looking great, but will love and care for her no matter what her condition is!!

Thursday, Jan 19:  Another Sissy update! Results are in! Her blood work is unremarkable and her x-rays do not show metastasis! She does have that mammary tumor so we will be investigating with further tests to determine if it is cancerous. She will be seeing a cardiologist for her heart murmur and will be getting an ultrasound of her liver (lab tests were a little off) and an ultrasound of her lungs. She will also be starting antibiotics for her yucky teeth. She still has a long way to go but we are still optimistic about this sweet baby and will fight for her as much as we can!

UPDATE April 2, 2023:
Today Maria made me SO OVER THE TOP HAPPY!!! She agreed to Foster our Sissy. Now Sissy gets to be the only doggie with all the attention. She can have freedom in Maria’s house, go for walks around the lake, go for stroller rides, and sleep with Maria at the end of the day!  I am thrilled!! I know that Sissy is going to be so much happier.

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