“Pawsome Rescue Tales” – Meet Chloe

Jun 24, 2023 | Blog, Shout Out

As told by Annie V:

When Chloe was 11 years old, her family took her to their local shelter to be euthanized due to IVDD in her thoracic spine. The shelter contacted the dachshund rescue group we volunteered for and they got her to the neurologist right away. When the group asked if we could foster her after surgery, we said absolutely! Within an hour of having her in our home, we foster failed. Two years later, she was in complete paralysis due to another bout of IVDD, this time in her cervical spine. We were able to find an amazing neurologist who performed surgery immediately and Chloe miraculously regained the use of all four legs!! Two weeks ago, we celebrated her 20th birthday! Although Chloe’s now blind and deaf, she still alerts us when it’s close to mealtime (although her bark is much louder now that she’s deaf 😂) and still loves to play with squeaky toys. She is the most amazing thing that has ever happened to us and we are so blessed to get to spend these golden years with her.

We came up and toured HWAH a couple of years ago and truly enjoyed our experience. We’ve been followers/donors ever since!! ❤.

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