Joe’s Legacy

Oct 2, 2021 | Blog, Shout Out

“Looking back and remembering and looking forward and planning….
We have been looking back on Mondays and remembering the pups who we have loved and lost… Today I am remembering not only the pups but my Joe – without him and his planning for my future without him = there would be no House with a Heart.
Love you so much Joe and am grateful for what you made possible!!!”


Most of you know the story of how Sher and her husband Joe started House with a Heart. Over the years, HWAH has been featured on TV, and Online Videos and Magazines.  And while they tell the story of the mission of HWAH – to save and help seriously senior dogs, we also want to share a little bit about our beloved director, founder and all round best friend, Sher.

Sher is simply an extraordinary person.  She is also very exuberant – especially when she writes!  Lots of Hugs and Kisses and XXXOOO’s are included in every message (and big red hearts from time to time).  Check out some of her FB posts.

She is very giving – she shares not only her home with senior and special needs dogs/cats, but she helps others do the same.  She works daily with volunteers – guiding and helping each and every one.  She listens to their stories, and troubles as if they were her own.  Her patience is legendary.

But her greatest gift is the love and security she has given to the many dogs and cats that have lived at HWAH over the years.  Each and every dog/cat who came had their very own special needs – whether it was losing their own family through old-age or circumstances, or suddenly being orphaned when an owner just gave up.

And like many of us, she loves her family, especially those all-important grand-kids.  Due to covid, they are now visiting outside, but she still enjoys their time together.

Hugs and Kisses, XXXXOOOO’s