Happy Birthday, Sher!

Dec 28, 2021 | Blog

People often say about Sher, “How wonderful that you dedicate your life and home to saving senior pets.”  And it is truly an amazing thing to see an entire home full of happy healthy senior pets.

But the real miracle is the amazing transformation that occurs when a seriously ill animal is brought to House with a Heart.

Sher 12.28.15 4

We have seen animals that everyone else says have “no hope”, recover and become active vibrant animals again.  Monroe came to HWAH suffering from the effects of severe asphyxiation and neglect.  Everyone said “he would always be damaged”.  He is now a happy feisty pup, full of life and energy.  What causes such a transformation – love, pure and simple.

Sher 12.28.15 1

Then there is Sally – called by the vet to see if Sher would give her final days some love and dignity, she is now a bouncing bundle of joy.  Little Sally is estimated to be between six and ten years old.  This lovable, dear girl came to HWAH as a severely neglected owner give-up in deplorable condition.

She trembled when held, was literally skin and bones but Sher and the volunteers persevered.  She’s now a new woman, who loves to play with her toys, enjoys hugs and cuddles from her human caregivers.

Sher 12.28.15 3

Sher # 6

So you see friends, the secret of House with a Heart is not that Sher dedicates her home and life to the seniors in her care.  The secret is Love!  Love Lives Here, and sometimes Love is the Cure.  But we all know the secret behind that love is Sher…  Well done friend, well done.

Jacquie R.