Give Back

Nov 27, 2022 | Blog, Events

Every act of generosity counts and everyone has something to give.

Whether it’s making someone smile, helping a neighbor out, or showing up for an issue or people we care about, we each have something to contribute. Identify your gifts, pick a cause that gets you fired up, and give back – not just for #GivingTuesday2022 on November 29, 2022, but every day.

Sometimes a kind word is all you need to start a chain of generosity that lasts throughout the day. Go beyond a “like” and make a point to offer positive feedback, compliments, and gratitude to as many people as you can today.

‣ Pay for the next person’s order at the coffee shop or drive-thru.
‣ Leave a gift card or cash at the gas pump.
‣ Tuck a grocery store gift card & a note in a shopping basket.
‣ Donate to pay utility bills for seniors or those struggling to make ends meet.

Show us how you’re giving on social media with the hashtag #GivingTuesday2022 and inspire others to join in this global celebration of generosity.