Day in the life at HWAH…

Aug 19, 2018 | Blog, The Sanctuary

Typical Day at House with a Heart…(as observed by our in-house reporter Joie)

Up at 5 AM to let the dogs out – upstairs first, then all of the downstairs visiting dogs. Change all of the dogs with doggie diapers. Check email. Of course, take a shower… do my teeth etc. and get into clothes for the day


Check email.

Setup and start feeding (including medications) – with upstairs dogs in 7 to 8 different spaces, depending on the amount of visiting dogs as well, it can take at least an hour and half. Feed the visiting dogs, and take them out for second outside break of the day. Change any dogs with doggie diapers again. Check email.

Morning routine

It’s nearly 10 now, and it’s time for a quick cup of coffee, while checking all of medications for all of the dogs for the rest of the day, and checking the list of vets visits, grooming, and any special activities for the day. The phone has already been ringing on and off since 8 am…Check email.

11:00 AM – first volunteer shift arrives to help with cleaning, taking the dogs out again, laundry (lots and lots of laundry), putting away food supplies that have arrived, putting out water for all of the dogs, checking for any diapers to be changed, feeding, watering and cleaning up the cat room, helping with the outside poop scooping, making sure the sanctuary areas are clean and well kept, and some just sit for just a minute with one or two of the dogs, meanwhile Sher is answering all of the questions that need clarification.… Check email.

PileofLaundryFolding PilesOfLaundry

Noon – visiting dogs arrive or leave – volunteers make sure the owner has all of the dog’s things, and leaves any special instructions – everyone wants to say “Hi’ to Sher as well… Check email


2 PM – last of the visiting dogs arrive/leave. Volunteers wrap up their chores, and leave. Maybe eat Lunch. Check email.

2:10 – the dogs all start taking afternoon naps…. Check email


4:00 PM – start the morning routine all over again – setup and start feeding including medications, changing diapers, letting the dogs out, and making sure all of the visiting dogs are taken care of as well. Check email.

Dinner preparation at HWAH

7:00 PM – visiting dogs arrive or leave – sometimes there are volunteers helping, sometimes not. Check email.

8:00 PM – last of the visiting dogs arrive/leave. Volunteers wrap up and leave. Eat something for dinner. Check email.

Snuggle down with the dogs for a little rest before the end of the day tasks have to start….while falling asleep…


11:00 PM – let everyone out one last time…