Be A Medical Miracle Maker – Pierre

Apr 15, 2024 | Blog, K-9 Medical Miracle

#MedicalMiracleMonday   #BeAMedicalMiracleMaker

At the age of 12, Pierre became homeless when he was dumped at the shelter by his owners because “he is fat and lumpy” and the family wanted him gone so they can get a new dog, a puppy.

Pierre is not a car that can be traded in for a newer shinier model. Pierre is a soulful old man who has feelings and who just lost the only home he’s ever known through no fault of his own other than him being older now, doesn’t play as much now, doesn’t see as well now, and doesn’t have his youthful figure anymore…

From Forever Changed Animal Rescue: “@Project Freedom Ride contacted us about this old man, and how can we turn him away after hearing this heartbreaking story. He arrived into our care on 12/17/2022 and has been in a loving foster home receiving all the love and care he deserves.”

Updated March 2023: Thanks to a short term foster, Project Freedom Ride, and Forever Changed Animal Rescue, he now has a forever home! HWAH stepped up with a grant of $ 757.00 to help.

Thanks to YOUR generosity, our HWAH K-9 & Kitty Medical Miracles Fund was able to help little Pierre get the medical care he desperately needed.

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