Be A Medical Miracle Maker – Mia

May 27, 2024 | Blog, K-9 Medical Miracle

#MedicalMiracleMonday #BeAMedicalMiracleMaker
Mia came to CHR recently from a rural Virginia partner shelter. She was a stray. Her visit to our vet revealed that she was Lyme and Ehrichiosis positive. We also discovered she had the worst stage of dental disease—stage 4.
We rushed her into surgery. Her dental surgery revealed far worse results than we have ever seen. Not only did she have to have most of her teeth removed due to her teeth all being cracked, but she also had holes all along her gum line, and the holes were filled with mulch and twigs.
We can’t imagine the amount of pain she must have been going through to live like this. Our vet removed all the debris and sutured her whole gum line closed. She resting on several medications to make her comfortable and ease her pain.
Update: Great News! Mia found a new home! This sweet girl is loving her new home and all the attention she is getting.
HWAH provided a $ 1,000 grant towards the medical and vet expenses.
Thanks to YOUR generosity, our HWAH K-9 & Kitty Medical Miracles Fund was able to help Mia get the medical care she desperately needed.
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