Sir Pierre

He’s old, he’s crusty, he has gross eyes. Blind? Yes. Deaf. For sure. Welcome, bud, we’re glad you’re here. He is thought to be a 16 year old shih tzu. Sir Pierre is blossoming before our very eyes. We’ve trimmed his wild hairs, gotten him neutered and 22 of his broken and rotting teeth were removed.
Moving on up from days in the shelter and terrifying days on the streets of Baltimore blind and deaf. He is walking around exploring his surroundings and glad to be a Miri’s Haven pup! Foster mom says “Sir Pierre is such a gentleman, I keep forgetting he’s here! The crew did their sniffs upon his arrival and quickly approved of foster brother! He hasn’t made a peep yet, although I suspect he is either deaf or maybe just chooses to ignore me when I try to get him to come inside from the yard!”