Ruby, 14 year old spayed female yorkie was surrendered to the shelter after her owner passed. She’s deaf and blind and has horribly infected eyes after a long time of untreated dry eye. She’s very friendly, very sweet and enjoys time in the yard. She sleeps a lot and startles very easily so I think a slow quiet home life would be best for her – no kids running around. Other quiet respectful animals are fine. Although I don’t know about cats she’s easy going and won’t be able to see them, so I think no problem. She’s doesn’t really engage with dogs at all, nonreactive.
She’s starting to recognize me and wags her little nub. I’m getting her out on a regular schedule so almost no accidents. She is starting to let me know when she needs to go out. I think if she’s let out often you could get her fully housetrained. She loves her food! She has a quiet easy temperament, so sweet. She just had her dental and is doing so well- goodbye stinky breath!