Miso – Special Needs

If you are looking for a very interactive cat who will be your constant companion, look no further than sweet (and handsome!) Miso!  During the day, this very active boy is always looking for an adventure. He loves to jump onto high areas, play with his pole toy, and play fetch with his foster mom—especially with his favorite toy: her hair ties.

Miso is an energetic youngster who is all about playing and exploring. When he does go to bed, he likes to curl up next to you and ask for scratches on his chin. He is very affectionate and loving when you come home from being out and at night.  This beautiful boy is incredibly smart, and determined as well. He can be chatty, especially when he wants to play or eat.  Despite his heart condition, Miso acts just like any other juvenile cat, and his cardiologist says he can jump, climb, play and enjoy himself without worry that those activities will have a negative effect on his heart.

Miso has a suspected heart condition called mitral valve dysplasia. The mitral valve is a heart valve on the left side of the heart. If this valve is formed incorrectly in utero, it can lead to excessive tissue that gets “sucked” into the aorta when the heart pumps, causing the heart to work extra hard to pump blood and thus causing a thickening of the muscle.  

Miso was seen by a cardiologist and is on an inexpensive medicine that he easily takes in his food once a day.  He also eats a high quality senior food (even though he is a youngster!) because senior diets are formulated with the correct amount of (low) salt required for cardiac care.  Miso will have a follow-up appointment in the July-August timeframe that will provide more guidance as to his overall prognosis.  FFGW will cover the cost of the follow-up appointment with Friendship Animal Hospital’s cardiologists, even if Miso is adopted prior to the time the follow-up is due.