At 15 years old, Hugo was dropped off for boarding in December 2023 by his owner who then never returned for him. He spent 4 months there before being turned over to the shelter as an abandoned dog. Not only is he a super senior pup, he is also diagnosed with advanced heart disease. His heart is unfortunately very large which causes him to have rapid breathing and cough spells. The last place for a dog in this condition should be the shelter. We picked him up immediately once he became available for rescue without a second thought. The stress of being in the shelter with his heart condition could have killed him.
Hugo is safe and spending every second absorbing the love and care that he deserves more than anything. He is the sweetest little guy with the cutest little trot. The pep in his step melts your heart knowing that he will never feel alone again. We do not know how much time we have with Hugo, but we will take advantage of every second that we do have. While it is a long shot, we would love to find Hugo a forever family where he will never feel abandoned again. He is literally great with everyone and everything. He doesn’t bother a soul and just wants to lay around the house with you. He deserves to spend the rest of his days being a part of a loving home that will spoil him to the very end. He deserves nothing less. To adopt Hugo please apply at