Colby is a 6lbs, 14 year old Yorkie.

There’s never a dull moment with Colby around. Colby is a chill guy looking for a furever home with the best nap spots. Colby spends most of the day sleeping, rotating which blanket or bed he is sleeping on. He takes a few days to warm up to you. Being that he is pretty tiny, he can be quite nervous and scared of people. Once he settles in and gets comfortable with you, you’ll be able to see him relax and not be so tense. Colby’s foster mom and dad especially love how cute and funny Colby’s antics are. He loves to wander around, so he needs to be supervised or contained to a safe area when he is alone, but it’s always fun to see where curious Colby finds himself next. He is blind in one eye, so you’ll find him bumping into things and getting stuck in place, but his vision doesn’t limit his mobility. He was adopted awhile back but his mom has a serious health issue and he is back with his original foster here. Since his return, we’d say he is mostly blind and partially deaf. He walks into everything. Poor boy is as nervous as ever. Hopefully some soft, cozy places to sleep and tasty food will help him decompress. He’s definitley confused with the transition. Foster mom says of him now: Colby Jack is such a sweetheart. He is eating really well and making sure that he doesn’t skip any naps! He sleep really well at night, but does get up at least once for a midnight snack, so I have to make sure to leave him some wet food + kibble meatballs when he’s ready for them. At his age and weight, he can eat whenever he wants, so we’ve been feeding him a few times a day- whenever he’s ready. It’s been cold lately, so I’ve been putting him on a cozy bed and swaddling him and he falls right asleep. He really does love attention! Since he’s mostly blind and hard of hearing, it can be tricky for him to find us, but when I go over to give him some pets and scratches, he returns the favor with a lot of licks! He’s really just the sweetest baby with so much love to give!Colby will need a very special adopter who understands the needs of a sweet, tiny, senior yorkie boy. If you remember, Colby came to Miri’s after he was dumped at the shelter for starting to pee in the house. Colby, we’ll never let that happen to you again. You’re safe with us.Colby is house-trained and does ask to go outside to do a #2 by giving a little bark/cry. If he’s not taken out regularly, he may have accidents, especially through the night, as he does have an old man bladder. Colby does not mark on things inside the house, but will leave a small puddle if he just can’t hold it any longer. During the day, Colby enjoys short walks outside. At night, however, we have noticed that he gets the zoomies and speed walks the streets .Colby is a night owl. He likes to walk around, nibble on kibble, and drink water throughout the night!We can definitely say that Colby is just a fun loving guy looking to have a calm home.