Bella – Forever Foster needed

I’m 13 years young and weigh about 16 pounds. I’m an easy going gal who loves love loves to explore the great outdoors. I like being outside so much that I do require a fenced yard in my furever home.

I’m blind and I don’t hear much. But that doesn’t stop me from living my best life. My nose works fantastic. I enjoy going on walks. But they are slow because I must sniff everything!

I like everyone I’ve ever met. I’m a very calm and gentle gal. I promise I will follow you around if you let me.

I would greatly enjoy the companionship of another dog or an even a few. But they have to understand that I may bounce into them because I am blind and don’t hear much. .

I am house trained. And I do well when left alone.

I do have Cushing’s disease. I have to take medicine two times a day. But you don’t have to worry about providing that. I am a member of the Permanent Paws program.

As a member of the Permanent Paws program, I will stay in the care of Senior Hearts furever. They pay for all of my medicine and doctor visits and my preventative care. They also oversee my care and quality of life.

But I need a home and a family. All you have to do is open your heart for Calle, sweet lovable me and follow some rules. It will not cost you any money. It just costs you some love.