Alexa is adorable and very loving. She warms up to people pretty quickly.
She also does well in the car, making her a great buddy to do errands with and take to new interesting places for walks! She has a lot of personality! One of her more cat-like quirks is that she’ll try and make a bed out of anything. She’ll
try and squeeze into a shoe box only to realize, yes, it’s too small. It’s very cute.
Lastly, she is very food-motivated and loves to search for treats in her snuffle mat.

Alexa’s ideal home is one where her forever parents will be home more often than not. If you work from home you are in luck because she is a great assistant.
She loves going on multiple walks a day to keep her fit and healthy. She’ll need brushed regularly to keep her coat looking beautiful and taken to the groomers every now and again! Her perfect retirement home might be one story given
her arthritis situation but she does do stairs just fine. She definitely wouldn’t mind being carried upstairs though. She needs a fur sibling close in age and size to hang out with when you aren’t home. Because of her age, I think she would be
best suited for previous/current dog owners. Experience with seniors would be preferred. She’s a pretty easy dog to have around.