5th Grader Birthday Benefits HWAH – Behind the Scenes

Dec 27, 2020 | Blog, Pet Pantry, Shout Out, The Sanctuary

Today’s “Behind-the-Scenes” look at the “Feed Fido & Fluffy” ? HWAH Pet Pantry ? features a very special supporter! Thanks to a young lady named Olivia, and all of you, our Pet Pantry continues to help so many across our community feed their pets during these challenging times.
?Olivia’s Mom shared her story with us:
“Olivia celebrated her birthday with ALL the girls from her 5th grade class right before the pandemic kicked into quarantine gear. She decided that her closet was full and there was nothing she really ‘needed.’ However, she loves animals and always loves to visit HWAH when we’re dropping off or picking up our dog Bentley for Short-Term Care.
After some discussion she decided to ask her friends if they would bring pet supplies in lieu of gifts for her birthday. She has a big heart for anyone in need. Her friends REALLY came through with all the goodies in the picture. Then to find out that HWAH was donating and delivering pet supplies to underprivileged seniors, well that was the cherry on top. We all so admire what it is you do and the incredible heart with which you do it. What a beautiful vocation you have found, and serving so many who need it.”
Our hearts are full as we look back on the incredible support we received this year from Olivia as well as other friends near and far. In this time of uncertainty, there’s a fundamental truth that gives us HOPE – that together we can do extraordinary things!