Meet the Residents

  • MarcoAtTheComputer


    Age: 13

    Marco was at the PG County shelter when we were told that they were full and were going to start euthanizing dogs to make room for more. He was marked as a fear biter. He bit a couple people at the shelter, and other than horrid dental disease, was in good health. So we transported him to us, gave him a dental and grooming, and kept him in a pen to evaluate his behavior.
    Boy were they ever wrong! Marco is the sweetest, most loving dog! If someone is sitting down, you can guarantee that boy will be in their lap. He gets excited whenever he sees his favorite people. He is a very happy, silly pup.

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  • TaterOutdoors


    Age: 9

    Tator was rescued by PetConnect Rescue. They asked for our help to evaluate him as he was pooping and peeing in his crate. We are guessing that he spent his life in a crate and this was normal for him. So we kept a close eye on him, and taught him to poop outside. He is extremely shy and would run and hide when anyone walked in the door. Slowly but surely, he has started venturing out when people arrive. He has even started letting some people hold him and pet him. He has come a long way from the scared little man he was. He is such a cutie and we are thrilled to see him thrive with our pack.

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