Meet the Residents

  • Tigger – Piper’s Pals

    Age: 13

    Tigger is the most lovey boy ever! He will be the first to greet you and expect you to love on him. And we do! He’s a diabetic, so we have to be diligent in feeding him and giving him his shot every 12 hours. But if he’s hungry…he will let you know it! He loves all the dogs and will snuggle with any of them, even the ones who like to be alone. Somehow he manages to get in their bed with them and fall asleep. He’s such a happy boy!

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  • Josie – Piper’s Pals

    Age: 16

    Josie is a very sweet tiny Dachshund who loves to snuggle in her bed. Her coloring is so unique and she has a sweet and calm spirit. Her favorite thing to do??? SLEEP in the weirdest positions!

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