Meet the Residents

  • Piper


    Age: 4

    Piper’s beginnings were not so bright and hopeful – she was only 6 pounds at 6 months old and came to us for hospice care because she was not thriving and her Vet recommended euthanasia. Our job was to love her for as long as we could and then let her go…..and that is what she has been doing ever since she arrived at HWAH…. Going and going and going – just like that Energizer Bunny!!! It was touch and go in the beginning with lots of Vet visits and lots of medications and special care, many frightening stays in the ER….but once this little girl experienced the crazy love that everyone at the Sanctuary had for her she didn’t dare leave us. She is full of beans and is animated, spirited and lively and when she is not bouncing around she is snuggling and giving licks and LOVE.
    Who would have thought that the lethargic, barely responsive pup would arrived at HWAH wrapped in a blankie for Hospice care would end up the Belle of the Ball and the Light of our Lives and a constant source of laughter and smiles??

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  • Monroe – Forever Foster

    Age: 5

    Monroe is our Miracle Mascot. Unlike our other pups and kitties he’s not a senior and he has no has no special needs. So why, you might ask, is he at the Sanctuary? Well, because this little hunk of love is a MIRACLE! He arrived at the sanctuary severely debilitated, but with love and care, his improvement was miraculous.But what we do know is that we fell in love with this sweet, intelligent, energetic puppy. So our miracle boy has become our Miracle Mascot and his loving presence added a new dimension to House with a Heart. He now lives with his forever foster family, Karen

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  • Sally – Forever Foster

    Age: 10

    Sally is one of the younger residents and has brought us so much love and laughter is just a short period of time. She was a severely neglected owner give-up who arrived in deplorable condition—underweight, covered in bodily waste and completely matted. She is now one happy, carefree little girl that is more of a puppy than her estimated 8-10 years indicates. She loves to play with toys, get hugs and lap time from her humans, and playtime with her Forever Foster, Frances and her family

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  • Spike

    Spike – Forever Foster

    Age: 13

    Spike is an eleven-year-old Chinese crested. He came to the Sanctuary when his mom passed away and his dad went into a nursing home. He came to us with the usual skin problems indigenous to his breed and an eye condition that requires a variety of eye drops multiple times a day. Spike is an affectionate fellow and enjoys car outings and MacDonald’s hamburgers. He’s has bonded and is now spending most of his time with our volunteer, Emily.

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  • BooBoo – Forever Foster

    Age: 15

    Darling little BooBoo is a blind 13-year-old poodle mix who was abandoned by his family in North Carolina. They dropped him off at their vet and walked away. When we saw his sad story, we immediately went into action and had him transported to us by wonderful volunteers. We fixed him up and sent out a plea for a new forever home. But he stole our hearts and we just couldn’t let him go, so we adopted him. Now he has the comfort, love, and safety of never being abandoned again. He is such a snuggle bug and is now a HWAH Forever Foster with Nancy and her family.

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  • Poppy showing off her favorite tooth

    Poppy – Forever Foster

    Age: 15

    When Poppy arrived at HWAH she was suffering terribly with skin allergies. Much of her hair was missing and her teeth were a mess. Poppy’s Mom had not been able to care for her as she herself had to go into a nursing home, and her family reached out to us. The moment we met this girl, we fell in love. She is ADORABLE! Her personality is LOVEBUG. Poppy is a Forever Foster with Lori and John and their other HWAH Forever Foster pup, Bear.

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  • Bear and Lori right after he came to HWAH

    Bear – Forever Foster

    Age: 15

    Bear was left behind when his owner could no longer care for him. He arrived at HWAH with toenails so long that it hurt him to walk. He needed to be neutered, have a good teeth cleaning and a tumor removed. Bear has come through all of his medical challenges with flying colors and is now living with one of our HWAH Angels, Lori. Bear is joining Lori and her husband John and their other rescue senior pup, Poppy. Lori is truly practicing Love Lives Here!!!!

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  • Lives with Cindy

    Raini – Forever Foster

    Age: 18

    Raini is a 14 year old Yorkie who came to HWAH through the Buster’s Buddies program. Raini had been living with an elderly lady who passed away, and was then returned to his original owner who could not care for him because of her busy life. Raini had a severely damaged heart and his prognosis was extremely poor. But now, thanks for his forever foster angel, Cindy, he has a whole new life:. “ Raini loves to go for walks, he prances along until he comes across something he needs to smell and mark. He knows when it’s almost dinner time. He heads right for the car, enough walking. 🙂 We just love him.”

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  • Gidget - Lives with Nancy

    Gidget – Forever Foster

    Age: 15

    Gidget is a sweet senior Lhasa Apso that we are Forever Fostering through our Buster’s Buddies program for the Senior Dog Sanctuary of MD. Gidget is living the good life with Mark and Nancy, one of our Premier Foster homes. Nancy keeps us laughing with stories about Gidger and all of their other Foster charges.

    Poor little Gidget could easily be confused for a dirty lump of fur when she was found on the street in Baltimore before she was brought to Senior Dog Sanctuary of MD, but a thorough grooming revealed an adorable little 12 year old pup. She may be blind, but with some guidance she is able to get around fairly well- even going up and down stairs and over obstacles. She can also walk well on a leash, though it’s at her own pace because this sweet girl is certainly no aspiring track star. This little couch potato is happy to snooze the day away with her tongue peeking out, and would be even happier to do so with company on a nice comfy couch or her very own dog bed.

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