Meet the Residents

  • Coco

    Age: 15

    Coco’s Owner had to give her up as she was no longer able to give her the care she needed. Coco was suffering greatly and in pain with dental disease, bladder stones and tumors on the back of her legs and skin allergies. Coco has gone through bladder surgery and had her tumors removed. Now after surgery we are gaining her trust.

    You can imagine that she had to be in a lot of pain for a long time so she is hesitant to be picked up but once she trusts you she really enjoys lap time and brushing.

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  • Spike – Forever Foster

    Age: 15

    Spike is an eleven-year-old Chinese crested. He came to the Sanctuary when his mom passed away and his dad went into a nursing home. He came to us with the usual skin problems indigenous to his breed and an eye condition that requires a variety of eye drops multiple times a day. Spike is an affectionate fellow and enjoys car outings and MacDonald’s hamburgers. He’s has bonded and is now spending most of his time with our volunteer, Emily.

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  • Munchkin

    Age: 13

    Munchkin came to HWAH when she was found as a stray kitty. Since Munchkin only had 3 legs we wanted a special home for her. When Siggi lost her beloved cat of 19 years, Sweet Pea, she was looking to foster a cat that would sit on her lap and keep her company. Munchkin fit the bill and went to live with Siggi in 2010. She is a lively loveable girl that loves to sit atop her 3 tiered cat perch, in her bed in the front bay, or on the ledge of the back windows. She recently came back to live at HWAH and now lives with the kitty pack.

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  • Sally – Forever Foster

    Age: 12

    Sally is one of the younger residents and has brought us so much love and laughter is just a short period of time. She was a severely neglected owner give-up who arrived in deplorable condition—underweight, covered in bodily waste and completely matted. She is now one happy, carefree little girl that is more of a puppy than her estimated 8-10 years indicates. She loves to play with toys, get hugs and lap time from her humans, and playtime with her Forever Foster, Frances and her family

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  • Tator

    Age: 11

    Tator was rescued by PetConnect Rescue. They asked for our help to evaluate him as he was pooping and peeing in his crate. We are guessing that he spent his life in a crate and this was normal for him. So we kept a close eye on him, and taught him to poop outside. He is extremely shy and would run and hide when anyone walked in the door. Slowly but surely, he has started venturing out when people arrive. He has even started letting some people hold him and pet him. He has come a long way from the scared little man he was. He is such a cutie and we are thrilled to see him thrive with our pack.

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  • Monroe – Forever Foster

    Age: 7

    Monroe is our Miracle Mascot. Unlike our other pups and kitties he’s not a senior and he has no has no special needs. So why, you might ask, is he at the Sanctuary? Well, because this little hunk of love is a MIRACLE! He arrived at the sanctuary severely debilitated, but with love and care, his improvement was miraculous.But what we do know is that we fell in love with this sweet, intelligent, energetic puppy. So our miracle boy has become our Miracle Mascot and his loving presence added a new dimension to House with a Heart. He now lives with his forever foster family, Karen

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  • Tigger – Piper’s Pals

    Age: 14

    Tigger is the most lovey boy ever! He will be the first to greet you and expect you to love on him. And we do! He’s a diabetic, so we have to be diligent in feeding him and giving him his shot every 12 hours. But if he’s hungry…he will let you know it! He loves all the dogs and will snuggle with any of them, even the ones who like to be alone. Somehow he manages to get in their bed with them and fall asleep. He’s such a happy boy!

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  • Josie – Piper’s Pals

    Age: 17

    Josie is a very sweet tiny Dachshund who loves to snuggle in her bed. Her coloring is so unique and she has a sweet and calm spirit. Her favorite thing to do??? SLEEP in the weirdest positions!

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  • Russell – Buster’s Buddies

    Age: 15

    Ohhhhhhhh Russell….. sweet adorable Russell. This little guy is settling in as long as we help him a bit with small doses of Trazadone.

    He wears himself out going in and out the pet door and roaming around the safe patio area. Remember he is BLIND!!!! We have had to make some adjustments to keep him safe and allow him his desired freedom.

    He has turned into a snuggle bug in the evenings and he loves being with the pack. Thank you again to LovePaws for allowing us to foster this sweet old man!!!

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