Starting A Sanctuary Resources

Resources and Tips for Starting a Sanctuary:

Some thoughts from HWAH about starting a Senior Sanctuary…

  • This type of place takes 100% devotion and that could mean a 24/7,365 commitment, so make sure you commit to a rescue or sanctuary that fits your personal passion.
  • Have a reliable source of income (preferably not your own personal funds).
    • Plan how you will earn income for the sanctuary before you start.
    • Grants, Sponsors, & Donations are fine, but not dependable.
  • If you use/develop a group of Volunteers, understand the limitations that can bring, both to how things are done, and when they are done.
  • Most importantly, Understand that, unfortunately, you cannot save them all. Set a limit to number of pets you can serve and stick to it.

Some links to good articles about Starting a Rescue or Animal Sanctuary.

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