I am 12yrs young and weigh about 11 pounds. I don’t know what kind of dog I really am. My fur is a bit coarse and I am handsome!

I may be blind and don’t hear as good as I used to. But I am friendly and get very excited when my humans are around. I can hear you when you speak loud and/or high pitched. I am also most excellent at following a clapping sound.

As for my inability to see, I think I’ve been blind for a long time. I am very confident even in new areas. I can “map out” spaces quickly. I have no qualms about exploring and adventuring in new areas. I especially like to wander outside and go on short walks. I like getting ALL the sniffs in.

I’m quiet when left alone as long as I’ve had appropriate exercise and exploration time outside. I enjoy chewing on bones and digging treats out of snuffle mats when I’m alone.

I do get excited when I know my humans are around. I like to get lots of pets. I’m not a lap dog yet. But sometimes I enjoy being held like a baby and getting belly scratches.

You may hear me screech when it’s dinner time or you haven’t given me my walk when it’s supposed to be. When you call me I come marching to you liek a little soldier. I am a funny guy!

I don’t mind other dogs. But because I can’t see and don’t hear great, wild, pushy, and big dogs wouldn’t be for me.

I am house trained and in good health. I even just had a dental and neuter surgery.

I can be adopted within a two-hour radius of Pittsburgh, PA. If you are interested interested in giving me a furever home, you must first complete the adoption application at