I’m 15 years young and weigh about 9 pounds. I can’t see or hear much. But it doesn’t stop me from enjoying life.

My favorite thing to do is roaming about in the grass. I like to sniff every single blade. When I sense you are near my ears will stand up even taller and my tail will wag! I do enjoy going on short walks.

I’m a quiet boy who is not needy. I’m an independent guy who is happy to wander about your home and lay in a dog bed while you are working or cooking. Though that cooking thing often makes me get up and wander into the kitchen to supervise.

I don’t mind being picked up and held. But I really am not a lap dog. I prefer to do my own thing.

I don’t mind other dogs at all. But because I am nearly blind and deaf and I am small, I can’t live with big dogs or dogs that are rambunctious. It would be a safety hazard!

I am house trained, sleep soundly overnight, and quiet when left alone. I a good boy, and cute too, if you ask me!

I am a member of the Permanent Paws program. That means that you won’t have to pay for any of my medical care or medicines for the rest or my life. As a member of the Permanent Paws program, I will stay in the care of Senior Hearts furever. They pay for all of my medicine and doctor visits and my preventative care. They also oversee my care and quality of life.

But I need a home and a family. All you have to do is open your heart for cute little me and follow some rules. It will not cost you any money. It just costs you some love.

My Permanent Paws home has to be in the greater Pittsburgh, PA area so I can get to a partner vet easily and so the Senior Hearts people can watch over me.