Percilla & Juliet

​PERCILLA and JULIET are two very bonded girls who have been together their entire lives. They are inseparable. Their big claim to fame is their sweetness. They are both good on the leash for walks together and like car rides. Both girls are energetic and love to bound around together like the happy girls they are.
PERCILLA is less energetic than JULIET and the more laid back of the two. She’s overall very calm and quiet, extremely sweet and undemanding. One of PERCILLA’S favorite spots is at your feet with her head on your foot.
JULIET is more energetic than PERCILLA and the more Type A of the two. She’s smart and very interested in the activities around her. She’s loyal and attaches to her human of choice. JULIET is territorial of her personal space and will growl at any dog that gets near her other than her dear friend PERCILLA.
​Both PERCILLA and JULIET would do best in a home where they are the only dogs in the family.

If you would like to adopt PERCILLA and JULIET please go to our website to see our adoption process and click on ADOPT to download an adoption application or below on ADOPT ME!