I am 11 years young and currently weigh about 9 pounds. I am on a weight loss program so I’m working hard to weigh less.

I’m a funny little guy with a big personality. I think it’s a chi thing. I like going on walks and getting all the sniffs in. When I decide I’ve gone far enough, I put the brakes on. There is no making me go anywhere at that point. So you will have to be prepared to carry me the rest of the walk!

I like other dogs my size. I like them so much that I require at least one other small dog in my adoptive home.

I need people to be patient when first meeting me. But once I get to know you, watch out. I will be your loyal little buddy. I’m generally quiet when left alone. But I do cry like a baby with excitement when I see my leash or my dinner bowl!

I am in good health. I am house trained and crate trained. I’m looking for an adult-only home where I will get the walks I require and I’m which the humans will laugh at my funny self.