This sweet pup would likely thrive as the only dog in the household, preferring a calm and relaxed environment. Toys aren’t her thing, but she’ll gingerly approach people for some gentle interaction. Despite having only two teeth, she’s a great eater. Loud sounds can startle her, so careful handling of her collar and harness is a must. She’s a breeze on the leash, loves car rides, and relaxes in a dog carrier while shopping. Peaches is house-trained as long as she is taken out on a regular schedule. However, she stays dry all night. She’s a bit unpredictable about walks, sometimes eager and other times ready to head back inside. But once she feels safe, she slows down. Leaving her at home is easy—she’s not a fan of the crate but does well in a gated area, falling asleep within 15 minutes.
When it comes to cuddles, she’s a champ! She loves head rubs, massages, and scratches on the head, neck, and chin. Expect her to snuggle up close, whether it’s sitting next to you, partially in your lap, or following you around the house. And she’s not an early riser—she loves to sleep in, burying her face in a pillow or person for some extra snooze time.