Pancake is 12yrs young and weigh about 12lbs. Pancake REQUIRES another dog in her adoptive home. She cannot be placed with a first time dog owner. Pancake was a breeding dog. She has learned much about the loving human world in her foster home. But she does require a dog experienced owner.

Pancake is friendly with every human she’s met since being in our care. She will likely form a very strong attachment to one human. Loyal to the extreme she is! If you want a Velcro buddy, Pancake is your girl.

Pancake takes cues and learns from other dogs. She needs a well functioning dog friend about her size in her furever home. She is house trained and can walk on a leash. She does enjoy her walks.

Pancake enjoy pets and has learned to like cuddles and couch time.

She does excellent at the groomer and the vet. Pancake is a brave little dog. She is looking for a calm home environment witn humans that understand the importance of routine for dogs. Pancake does best when she knows what is expected of her.

Pancake is a great dog for patient humans who understand her history. She has learned so much. Pancake has a lot of love to share with the right humans.