Newman FIV + BONDED with Mina

Newman and Mina are a wonderful pair that adore each other! They love kids, love cats and dogs too! This pair have been bonded since being rescued from a rural shelter where they were given up after their owners left them behind.

Newman is FIV positive but that’s not anything that changes anything about this boy! He’s as loving, healthy and as sweet as they come!

These darlings are easy going and all they need is a safe space to call their own!

The FIV virus is not a reason not to adopt!  It is not transmissible to people or to non-cat species and is not a death sentence.  It simply reduces a cat’s immune system as the cat ages, which can leave the cat more vulnerable to other feline infections later in life.  Cat to cat transmission does not occur with casual contact and it is not airborne. Cats who are FIV+ live long, happy lives!