MOJO is a little sweetheart who came into our rescue on death’s door! After lots of medical attention, care and love from his foster family MOJO is well again! He’s calm, likes to sleep and is basically low energy except he does have the occasional short bout of the zoomies. MOJO doesn’t play with toys much so far – the squeakers scare him – but he has started to chew on a few here and there. He is house trained if taken out on a regular schedule. MOJO is vision impaired but that doesn’t stop him from getting along great with other dogs! He has had no issues with any of his three foster siblings! He is very selective with people and does not easily trust based on his past experiences. MOJO is affectionate though, and will come up to you to snuggle but only if he is good and ready. He doesn’t like to be picked up or woken up – he needs somebody to understand that things need to be on his terms. He will growl to warn you when he doesn’t like or want something – it’s up to the humans to listen and understand his warning. MOJO needs somebody who has the time and patience to let him come out of his shell on his own. His best person would be home most of the time, not because he has separation anxiety because he doesn’t, but so that MOJO has the opportunity to get comfy and bond with them.  No kids and stairs should be gated.