Lolita is the sweetest, happiest kitten you could hope to meet! Se is gentle and playful and love lots of affection. Soft little Lolita has a huge purr and the cutest meows.  Se is very clean at home and great during car rides (silent and calm.) You will fall in love with her wonderful temperaments and perfect manners.


You may notice that Lolita has some scarring in one eye.  Se has been seen by a veterinary ophthalmologist who advised that this is the result of untreated eye infections when she was an infant, prior to coming to FFGW.  She has limited vision in the scarred eye, but that does not prevent her from playing, climbing, snuggling and loving life!  There is no future veterinary care anticipated for her, and we hope that his future forever family can see just how purrfect she is despite the scarring.