Lily – FIV positive

Meet Lily, a beautiful and outgoing medium haired calico.  Lily is a very mellow kitty who loves everyone she meets and is always purring and making biscuits.  She is a talker, and loves to greet you at the door with some chatter. Lily would be a great companion cat.  She is affectionate and independent at the same time. She especially loves her breakfast, and will stretch out next to you while you’re preparing her meal.   She will snuggle by your side so you can pet her and rub her belly, and is always ready for a brushing.

Lily enjoys exploring and trying out different sleeping areas.  A favorite nap spot is a very small cardboard box. She is interested in what is going on outside and loves to stare out the window and watch the birds and squirrels. This very playful girl loves to bat the ball around the roller track and to race through the cat tunnel.  She also likes to play with small stuffed cat toys, sometimes carrying them around in her mouth.

The FIV virus is not a reason not to adopt!  It is not transmissible to people or to non-cat species and is not a death sentence.  It simply reduces a cat’s immune system as the cat ages, which can leave the cat more vulnerable to other feline infections later in life.  Cat to cat transmission does not occur with casual contact and it is not airborne.