Kelsey is a purring machine who loves to spend time with people, getting pets and being admired. If she feels like you haven’t done enough petting, she will gently pat at your hand with a closed paw to let you know that she wants more loving.

Kelsey came to Feline Foundation after her owner died unexpectedly and she was left in his home alone and rarely fed by a family member for four months. When it came time to sell the home, the realtor called Feline Foundation and asked us to come and get her.

After she was rescued, Kelsey spent some time with the vet to get cleaned up before she went to her foster home. Since then, she has had nine teeth removed and has received Adequan injections to help with her mobility. She can continue with shots every three to six months as needed — it is a simple and inexpensive treatment for kitty arthritis. Other than arthritis and missing teeth, Kelsey got a clean bill of health from the vet. Her senior blood work looks great! She does need a litter box with low sides and a step to get on to furniture.

She has not warmed up to any of the cats in her foster home, but we do think she might be fine with other cats that will leave her alone (which her foster’s young cats are unwilling to do).

Kelsey is generally a low-energy girl; she mostly likes to hang out and snooze. Every once in a while she’ll get the zoomies or get interested in the laser pointer, which is very adorable. She would be the perfect companion for someone who loves to hang out on the couch. Despite her rough year, she seems to love everyone she meets. Could Kelsey be the right companion for you?