Jules is a 15 year old neutered male round yorkie, sweet with little spice. He is mostly deaf and blind. He is wearing a belly band but knows to go outside! He needs to eat in a crate so he doesn’t bother the others. He can be a little snappy when he needs to move or when stopping him from eating fellow foster dinners but he’s a good boy and still settling in – He’s adorable and very chill. He loves the car, going on walks, and only barks if he suspects you’re keeping food from him. Jules has the greatest little personality. He wants to be in the room with his people all the time. He sleeps soundly. He loves his food, but after a week or so settles down and acts calm around mealtimes.
* CAUTION 🚨– He LOVES cat poop truffles. Will eat cat litter and thinks cats are for spirited chasing and barking. When not trying to chase cats or get into the room with you, does not bark. He is surprisingly easy to train with a treat. He loves to take a short or walk or two during the day and is polite and friendly with other dogs.   His is great in the car and totally relaxes.
He is easy to bathe. He has had some accidents when he first came to us, but now pees on a pad perfectly when he can’t get outside fast enough, and signals to go out if he has to poo. 💩
He is compliant and patient, even if you can tell he’d rather be doing something else. He will gently snap near your hand if you scare him, but is overall very gentle for a small dog.
Did I mention he loves treats?
🌟We think he’d be perfect for folks in an apartment, as a single dog or with another dog. He’s not really suited for a cat household.
Prepare to meet the cutest dog ever!