Isabella and Korky

What’s that potato chip slogan? “Betcha can’t eat just one”? Some would say the same about owning Chihuahua’s! Good thing we have two for you! Isabella and Korky will satisfy your Chihuahua craving and then some!

These two 15 year old’s are lifelong partners and would love a quiet home to enjoy their retirement in. You and Isabella will become fast friends, while Korky needs a bit of time to become comfortable with new people and surroundings. Before long though, there will be a competition for space on your lap!

The two of them also like to play tag with each other, how cute! Isabella is a bit short and squat at 14 pounds and Korky is tall and lanky at 18 pounds. They have done well meeting some other small, calm dogs while at the sanctuary. Both Isabella and Korky just had their teeth cleaned and Isabella’ cherry eye was repaired, so they’re ready to get on with their fresh start!