Chester was found as a stray. He loves hanging out in his crate so it’s important that the crate door be open at all times so he can go in and out as he pleases. He also loves squeaky toys, and likes to take them into his crate. He naps with his stash pile of toys surrounding him, which is quite adorable. He also enjoys cozy dog beds. He is good with cats and other dogs. While he can be shy, he also has a playful side that sometimes comes out. He is pretty quiet. He very rarely barks. He also sleeps through the night like a champ.

Despite having arthritis issues and walking with a limp, Chester enjoys short leash walks. He goes up a few stairs sometimes but his foster parents have never seen him go down stairs. Given this and his arthritis, his furever home needs to be okay with carrying him. He does well with being carried.

Chester is deaf and has some vision issues but he gets around the house well. He has some potty accidents but does well with wearing a belly band (diaper).

Chester is on twice daily medication and a joint supplement — both for his arthritis.  His furever home needs to have no young kids.