Wow, look at this stunning beauty!! This gorgeous long-haired lady is the perfect blend of sassy and sweet – a little sassy when she wants to be (like if treats are involved!) but loves cuddles and pets, and warms up very quickly to strangers.

Ava really enjoys watching the people walk by outside her window, and doesn’t want to miss a minute of the exciting day so she sometimes tries to stick her head between the blinds in the morning before her foster mom has opened them.

Ava is gently playful, but overall a quiet, regal lady who sleeps with her foster mom every night and loves to sit right near her wherever she is – but always close enough to be pet any time Ava wants!

Ava has had senior blood work done, and everything looks great!  She is scheduled for a dental on 2/21 but can be met and adopted prior to that, and FFGW will still sponsor and pay for the dental cleaning.