About Piper’s Pals

We reserve a few special spaces at the Sanctuary for “Piper’s Pals”.  This is what we lovingly call a pet that will eventually return home to its family.

Over the years, we have cared for a dog whose owner was going off to Harvard for her first year of Graduate School and had no place to leave Princi, her beloved companion dog.  Coco’s family had to leave the country for a year and could not take their pet with them.  Another Coco stayed with us when his Mom was going through six months of cancer treatment.  House with a Heart also welcomed little Muffin, whose Dad was in the military and was being deployed to the Middle East for over a year. Moonpie stayed while his mom was recovering from a fall, breaking her arm and leg. We are happy to say she is doing well, and Moonpie is home.

Toby Reba and Chloe are currently our Piper’s Pals: Read about Toby

Piper’s Pals is another way that we can show that LOVE LIVES HERE at House with a Heart!!     We are privileged to be able to “Pay it Forward.”


Tigger, Josie, Ditto and Molly were also beloved Piper’s Pals who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  We are grateful that we were able to help their families and love these pups until their passing.